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My dear friend Jack Marchetti is trying to fund his short film  { Compatibility } onkickstarter. I've just asked him to introduce a level that includes original storyboards I'll be doing for the film. If you like supporting film, and would like some original art, you've got less than 60 hours to help the film reach it's goal!
If you'd like to join the live-stream go to the Event Page @10pCST and send me your gmail ID via the Q&A app.
Greetings Doggebi Hunters!

If you'd like to watch CoLD LV (i.e. me drawing a comic page) tonight we're having a late start but tun into either of the following links at 10:00pm CST.

google+ events:…
Thank you mystery buyer person! This made my day.
So I redrew this as the last intermission pin-up...
LSotLD 2:41 (teaser) by dForrest

Check out page 41 of chapter 2 of The Legendary Sisters of the Laughing Doggebi.

Fellow Patreon Walter Ostlie ( interviewed me last week!

Check it out:
Sd Ls 02 39 Tease by dForrest

Chapter 2 is nearing completion, with just 3 more pages to go...

Teaser for Page 2:37 of The Legendary Sisters by dForrest
Sd Lsld 02 35 Tease by dForrest

Happy Doggebi Monday!

Sd Lsld 02 34 Teasel by dForrest

Sd Lsld 02 33 Pencils Tease by dForrest

You can watch me finish this week's webcomic update at 10pm CST aka CoLD XXXVII at G+(…) or YouTube (

For info on how you can be part of the hangout Or if you write or draw a comic and want to be a hangout-guest some time send me an private message.

Sd Lsld 02 25 Tease by dForrest
At last... The sons of The Lion (285 +favs) challenge The son of Rus (350 +favs) for the #4 spot on my +fav stats.

Dark Angels Tacticals Redux by dForrest VS Deathwatch - Space Wolf - Commission by dForrest

Sd Lsld 02 21 Teasel by dForrest

Chapter 2 Page 21

I need your help.

I have decided that it would be funny to do a Laughing Sisters of the Doggebi mashup with some Adepta Sororitas fan-art.

Here's where you come in: which Sororitas classes do you think each Doggebi-Sister belongs to?

Saint Ran, is obvious...
Posterpeak by dForrest

For My Patrons!

SD LSLD 02 04 tease by dForrest